Master's thesis

Master of Science, Utrecht University, 2009
Impacts of Implementing Enterprise Content Management Systems

The research from the thesis has been further developed:

diploma thesis

Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH), FH NORDAKADEMIE Elmshorn, 2006
Analyse des befristeten Wechsels von geographisch verteilter Softwareentwicklung auf einen gemeinsamen Entwicklungsstandort (Impacts of temporarily co-locating a virtual team)
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Jugend forscht

Jugend Forscht is the German version of a science fair. Students from middle and high schools are encouraged to do research in various fields. They write a report about their results and present them at a fair. There, the different teams compete with each other for the next levels (state and nationwide).
precise wavelength measurement with two photo diodes (in German)

creating low temperatures by connecting peltier elements (in German)

#1 at the regional contest, #2 at the state contest:
Quasikontinuierliche Entfernungsmessung bei Luftkissenfahrbahnen mit Hilfe einer Leuchtdiode
Infrared distance measuring on the airtrack

power usage monitoring system for the Fritz-Reuter-Gymnasium